If you want to make better investing decisions, you need clear, credible insights to understand what’s really going on in markets. The Market Insights podcast from Fisher Investments provides you with our latest thinking on global capital markets and current events.

June 2017 - Energy Sector Update

In this podcast, Communications Group Manager Naj Srinivas talks to Research Analysts Luis Casian and Brad Rotolo about the Energy sector’s recent developments and our current outlook.

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May 2017 - Market Update

In this podcast, we talk to US Private Client Services Vice President Erik Renaud about some recent client questions on the market and our current outlook. Topics include all-time market highs, Trump Administration tax and trade policy, European elections and bear market causes. We also discuss some of the economic fundamentals supporting Fisher Investments’ bullish outlook.

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Adviser's Corner: April 2017

In this podcast, we discuss our firm’s views on some common client questions from around the country.

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2017 Market Outlook

Fisher Investments’ Investment Policy Committee discusses the firm’s views on capital markets and the economy.

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February 2017 - Talking Trump and Trade

In this podcast, we interview Content Analyst Elisabeth Dellinger on recent talk of protectionism, border taxes and trade.

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January 2017 - How to Read the Modern Financial News

In this podcast, we talk to Content Group Manager Todd Bliman about how to read the modern financial news.

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