Our Portfolio Management Approach

We Actively Monitor Markets

Our experienced analysts continuously monitor capital markets on a global scale—keeping an eye on market conditions, economic developments, and political issues. This information guides the portfolio management process in both identifying opportunities and recognizing risk factors. We summarize this information for clients through a variety of communications—keeping you apprised of our market thinking and what’s happening inside your portfolio.

We Maintain Flexibility

Fisher Investments believes investing styles move in and out of favor over time. We maintain a flexible approach in our tactical portfolio management, adjusting the portfolio’s composition as our forward-looking views of the market evolve. The process starts by analyzing global macroeconomic, political and sentiment factors to determine key portfolio drivers. From there, we determine which countries and sectors should benefit most, and, finally, focus on stock selection.

We Seek Opportunities Globally

Investors tend to have a favorable bias to their home country. This is certainly true for many Americans. But the US makes up only about half of global stock markets. Many of the best-run companies are located outside US borders, and no country’s stocks are permanently superior. Investing globally can help mitigate risk through diversification and can lead to opportunities others may miss. Our extensive research, resources and experience enable us to look for investment opportunities all over the world for you.

We Personalize Your Portfolio

At Fisher Investments, we take the time to get to know each and every client. We start by helping you identify your time horizon, long-term goals, objectives and cash flow needs. Once this information is gathered, your dedicated Investment Counselor works with our Portfolio Evaluation Group (working under the guidance of the Portfolio Management Team (IPC) to provide you with a written portfolio analysis and personalized investment strategy recommendation. We recommend a long-term portfolio strategy we believe offers the best chance of meeting your goals and providing for your needs over time. From there, we regularly review your personal situation and keep you apprised of our changing views on capital markets and other important developments related to your portfolio.