What is Asset Management?

Across Corporate America, “asset management” has many and varied definitions. For some, asset management may refer to the collective organization of valuable assets most cost-effectively.  However, asset management is most commonly used to describe financial companies that manage assets, or investments, for individuals, corporations or entities. 

At Fisher Investments, when we use the term, we are referring specifically to crafting and implementing an investment strategy for our clients. Our clients include high net worth individuals, pension funds, corporations and government entities. They hire us to manage their financial assets by giving us limited power of attorney to invest on their behalf. Importantly, Fisher Investments doesn’t take custody of clients’ assets. Upon hiring Fisher Investments, we will walk you through opening a brokerage account in your name at a major, widely recognized US brokerage firm step-by-step. To enable us to manage your assets, you will simply delegate authority to make buy-and-sell decisions over the securities held in that account to us—we call this discretionary asset management.