What is Asset Management?

The term “asset management” can take on various definitions across corporate America. For some, asset management can mean a cost-effective organization of financial and physical assets. However, asset management in the finance world often means overseeing investments for individuals or entities. 

Fisher Investments’ approach to asset management is to craft and implement an investment strategy for our clients based on their long-term goals and personal financial situation. We then provide ongoing portfolio management, client service and research to help them reach their longer-term goals.

Our clients include high-net-worth individuals and a broad range of institutions. They hire us to manage their financial assets by giving Fisher Investments authority to trade in their investment accounts to maintain their agreed upon investment strategies. Fisher Investments doesn’t take custody of clients’ assets. Our investment process involves helping clients establish or maintain brokerage accounts at a recognized brokerage firm. To utilize our asset management services, clients grant Fisher Investments decision-making authority over the securities held in their account—this type of service is called discretionary asset management. We work with clients to oversee the management of their underlying assets to help them reach their long-term goals and objectives.

Why Fisher Investments?

While some asset managers simply create a strategy for clients and send them on their way, we believe successful asset management means investing and providing clients with proactive, world-class service. One of our biggest responsibilities is to keep clients focused on their longer-term goals and provide counsel and advice during various market conditions.

Some asset managers may not proactively help clients understand their investments or the overall investment process and strategy. At Fisher Investments, we are dedicated to client education and ongoing counsel. We believe our clients have a better chance of reaching their goals if they are educated on investing, aware of common behavioral investing mistakes and updated on our current market forecast.

To help educate clients, we offer several high-touch services, including the following:   

  • Client events: Fisher Investments hosts a series of client programs to provide timely updates and market education to help clients reach their long-term goals. These exclusive client services give you the opportunity to meet with Fisher Investments professionals and other clients at events across the country. Some examples of the different events are webinars that clients can enjoy from the comfort of their home, small group dinners with Fisher Investments professionals and large group seminars hosted by senior members of our firm.
  • A dedicated Investment Counselor: Clients have a dedicated Investment Counselor who provides regular, personalized service and keeps them up to date on our forward-looking market forecast. The Investment Counselor knows each client’s personal financial situation, regularly calls to review investment goals, helps answers market-related questions and helps handle day-to-day account administration.
  • Quarterly Client Reviews: These quarterly releases detail recent market performance, address common investor fears and provide an update on Fisher Investments’ forward-looking forecast. Client Reviews are a means of helping clients stay up to date on our forecast and views of current market developments.
  • Semi-annual Capital Markets Update videos: These videos feature members of our Investment Policy Committee and provide an update on our current market outlook in an easily digestible Q&A format.

We believe building strong client relationships is a crucial aspect of being an asset manager. Our client education offerings encourage open discourse between us and our clients and help us establish trusting relationships with our clients.

When you evaluate asset managers, you should consider what kind of portfolio management and service offerings you’ll be receiving. In order to get a more holistic view of each manager, you can ask them what investment solutions they offer and if they provide services beyond investing. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • When you call your asset manager, will you speak with a person or robot? 
  • Will your asset manager actively manage your account?
  • How often will he or she review your portfolio?
  • How often will you be able to speak with your asset manager?
  • Will he or she proactively reach out to you on a regular basis?

Fisher Investments Can Help

Fisher Investments can create a customized portfolio based on a detailed analysis of your financial situation, investment goals and investment time horizon—how long you need your money to last. If you are interested in learning more about our approach to asset management, contact us today to speak with one of our qualified professionals or download one of our educational investment guides.