13 Retirement Blunders You'll Likely Regret

Based on our experience working with tens of thousands of individual investors, we see people repeatedly making the same major financial blunders. And all too often, we see investment professionals making the same blunders—although some of those “blunders” are made to line their pockets, not yours. That's why we produced this guide, 13 Retirement Investment Blunders to Avoid. It was written specifically for those with investments of $500,000 or more.

A Lifetime of Savings at Risk

It probably took you a lifetime of saving and investing to accumulate your retirement nest egg and, at this stage of your life, you simply don’t have time to recover from investment blunders. And no matter how much you’ve saved, it hurts to lose money. If this guide helps you avoid a handful of these common mistakes and blunders, you may save yourself a great deal of anguish, money and regret.

The 13 Blunders

Don’t let these rather prosaic “blunders” lull you into thinking they are self-explanatory. Many people are surprised and enlightened by our explanations. We think you’ll find Fisher Investments’ approach unique and extremely useful.

BuyIcon 1) Buying Annuities

PieIcon 2) Being Too Conservative in Investing

WorldIcon 3) Ignoring Foreign Stocks

FeeIcon 4) Paying Excessive Fees

ClockIcon 5) Trying to Time the Market

NewsIcon 6) Relying on “Common Knowledge”

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