Tailored Portfolios

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VIDEO: How We Tailor a Portfolio for Each Client

1:40 minutes

In this video, Executive Vice President of Portfolio Management and Co-Chief Investment Officer, Bill Glaser, discusses how Fisher Investments determines each client’s portfolio strategy and all the factors that go into that decision. Fisher Investments takes a comprehensive approach that considers each client’s goals, investment time horizon, cash flow needs, tax considerations, outside assets, risk tolerance and more.

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Much like a tailor who alters the hem, sleeves, and collar of a suit to fit an individual's proportions, we take a variety of factors into account to create a portfolio tailored to your needs. Some of the factors we may consider when choosing the optimal long-term investment strategy and near-term portfolio tactics include:

  • Time Horizon – How long do you expect or need your money to be working toward your objectives?
  • Investment Goals – What portfolio value and cash flows do you wish to target over your time horizon?
  • Income Needs – How can we best manage your portfolio to accommodate your cash flow needs?
  • Tax Considerations – How can we manage your portfolio to minimize the impact of capital gains?
  • Outside Assets – Are there assets we don't manage for you but should consider when constructing your portfolio?
  • Outside Income – Do you receive cash flow from sources other than your portfolio?
  • Restrictions or Customizations – What other personal needs or desires should we consider?

Our dedicated Portfolio Evaluation Group, under the guidance of our Investment Policy Committee, will use this information to provide you with a written personalized portfolio analysis and investment strategy recommendation. As your circumstances change, your portfolio needs may too. Your personal Investment Counselor will regularly review your individual situation with you and keep you abreast of our views on capital markets and important developments related to your portfolio.

Investing in securities involves a risk of loss. Past performance is never a guarantee of future returns.
Investing in foreign stock markets involves additional risks, such as the risk of currency fluctuations.