Future Value Calculator

Calculate the future value of an asset with our interactive future value calculator. To use the calculator, either manually enter numbers in spaces provided below or use the sliders to change values. Hit the calculate button to calculate the future value of the asset.

Future Value Calculator Input Definitions:

  • Annual interest rate: Implies the hypothetical growth rate for the investment.
  • Number of periods: Implies the number of time periods (e.g. months, years, etc.) the investment will grow, or the frequency of compounding growth.
  • Additions: The amount of deposits made during each time period.
  • Present value: The current value of your investment.
  • Future value: Hypothetical value of an investment after compounding for a specific time, interest rate, addition amount and starting value.
Interest Rate
Hypothetical Number of Periods
Present Value

Future Value Calculator Result

Your estimated future value is:

This calculator is hypothetical and does not represent the return on any particular investment. Note all investments are subject to risk.

Why the Future Value Calculation is a Helpful Financial Tool:

While hypothetical, the future value calculator allows you to calculate the value of an investment or asset at a future date, and will give you more insight into the effects of compounding. The future value calculator is a tool to help you better understand how the impact of specific variables such as growth rate, additions, investment time horizon, and starting value may have on your long-term investment goals and objectives.

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