Managing Money in Retirement

Managing your money in retirement can be a daunting task and at Fisher Investments our goal is simple: help our clients reach their long-term retirement investing goals. We provide retirement management services that put your interests first and foremost. We understand that your path to and through retirement is truly unique so we tailor retirement plans to meet your goals.

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Free Retirement Guide

In The 15-Minute Retirement Plan, Fisher Investments addresses some key questions you may face when planning for retirement: How long will your portfolio need to provide for you? How can cash distributions and inflation impact your portfolio? How do you establish a primary investment objective?
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Retirement Planning

Our approach to retirement money management starts with aligning our strategy to where you are in your planning for retirement cycle. Gain helpful retirement advice, including:

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Investing for Retirement

How do you ensure your investments will last throughout your retirement? It starts with an appropriate retirement money management plan, but lasts much longer—requiring regular review of your financial situation and goals, and the discipline to stick to your strategy.
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401(k) and IRA Retirement Tips

While 401(k)s and IRAs are common investment products when saving for retirement, there are important considerations you need to know such as how 401(k)s and IRAs differ, when is the right time to rollover a 401(k) and what are the IRA withdrawal rules and restrictions. 
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