Retirement Investing Guides

Are you on track for a comfortable and secure retirement? Whether you’re already retired, retiring soon or retirement is years away, Fisher Investments has developed these retirement guides to help you with your retirement planning needs. To download, simply click on the links below.
cover image of the 15-minute retirement plan from fisher investments
The 15-Minute Retirement Plan

Running out of money in retirement is one of the biggest risks, and fears, investors may face.   Working your whole life to gather enough wealth for retirement, only to realize too late it's just not enough, can be devastating. This guide addresses some key questions many face when planning for retirement.

cover image of 401(k) and ira tips and answers from fisher investments
401(k) and IRA Tips and Answers

This guide sets out many of the things you should know about selecting, investing in and rolling your 401(k) over into an IRA. If you don’t know where to start, you’re not alone. But whether you’re already retired or still building your career, we aim to answer some of the most pressing 401(k) and IRA questions.

cover image of your net worth by fisher investments
Calculating Your Net Worth

Understanding your net worth is smart. Why? When you know your net worth you'll gain clear insight into your financial situation. Further, understanding your net worth will help determine if you're on the right track to reach your investment goals or if you need to put a plan in place.

cover image of annuity insights guide to annuities by fisher investments
Annuity Insights

Annuities may seem like simple long-term investment products. However, deep in the fine print, there are many terms, conditions and variables that can affect annuity returns. So before buying an annuity, be sure to completely understand the specifics of the annuity you're considering

Premier Retirement Destinations

Many people want something fresh in retirement, whether it's more thrills or winters without blizzards. This guide contains our top cities for retirement that meet our criteria: tax friendliness, reasonable cost of living, proximity to a major airport, desirable activities and overall quality of life.

cover image of 99 retirement tips from ken fisher
99 Retirement Tips from Ken Fisher

While interacting with our clients, we glean many valuable insights on how they became successful and accumulated wealth, and what they are doing to maximize their lifestyles today. For the first time, we’ve compiled 99 of the best retirement tips into one easy-to-read guide.

cover image for the definitive guide to retirement income by fisher investments
The Definitive Guide to Retirement Income

Do you know how much your retirement will cost? Have you considered how you will pay for it? Do you know how to generate the retirement income you’ll need? These can be stressful questions which are often put off for too long. Fortunately, Fisher Investments has helped tens of thousands of individuals answer important questions like these.

Maximize Your Social Security for Retirement

Social Security benefits can be an important source of cash flow in retirement and the amount you'll receive is directly affected by the decisions you make leading up to retirement. This must read guide covers your options for those decisions and is designed to explain what Social Security is and how it works, how to estimate how much you'll receive, when you should start getting your benefits and much more.

Retirement GPS

Whether you’re nearing retirement or already there, you’ve doubtlessly noticed there are a variety of financial issues to consider and plans to make.  The amount of detail in retirement planning makes it easy to miss something.  To give you an easy introduction to the process, Fisher Investments developed Retirement GPS, an interactive guide to financial planning in retirement.

When To Retire: A Quick and Easy Planning Guide

Maybe you’re still working and you haven’t thought about retirement much, or maybe retirement is right around the corner and you’re simply waiting for the right time to take the next step. No matter your age or where you are in your career, the time to think about your retirement is now.

13 Retirement Blunders You'll Likely Regret

It probably took you a lifetime of saving and investing to accumulate your retirement nest egg and, at this stage of your life, you simply don’t have time to recover from investment blunders. If this guide helps you avoid a handful of these common mistakes and blunders, you may save yourself a great deal of anguish, money and regret.