Investing Guides from Fisher Investments

The world of investing can seem like a giant maze. Fisher Investments has developed several informational and educational guides tackling a variety of investing topics. To download each, simply click on the links below.

Your 2019 Tax Guide

Will you get to double your deductions or will you have to pay Uncle Sam more in 2019? Changes to the tax code can have a big impact on your financial planning. Use this guide to understand what changed and how it affects you.

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Annuity Insights

Annuities may seem like simple long-long term investment products. However, deep in the fine print, there are many terms, conditions and variables that can affect annuity returns.

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The 15-Minute Retirement Plan

Running out of money in retirement is one of the biggest fears for many investors. This guide addresses some key questions many face when planning for retirement.

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The Definitive Guide to Retirement Income

Do you know how much your retirement will cost? Do you know how to generate the retirement income you’ll need? This guide will help you find answers to these and other important questions.

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The Eight Biggest Mistakes Investors Make

In the world of investing, there are many common mistakes investors might make. Over time, these mistakes may have a larger negative impact than anticipated, especially when it comes to retirement.

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Retirement GPS

The amount of detail in retirement planning makes it easy to miss something. To give you an easy introduction to the process, Fisher Investments developed Retirement GPS, an interactive guide to financial planning in retirement.

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13 Retirement Blunders to Avoid

It probably took you a lifetime of saving and investing to accumulate your retirement nest egg and, at this stage of your life, you simply don’t have time to recover from investment blunders. If this guide helps you avoid a handful of these common mistakes and blunders, you may save yourself a great deal of anguish, money and regret.

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401(k) & IRA Tips and Answers

If you don’t know where to start, you’re not alone. But whether you’re already retired or still building your career, we aim to answer some of the most pressing 401(k) and IRA questions.

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Maximize Your Social Security for Retirement

Social Security benefits can be an important source of cash flow in retirement, and the amount you'll receive is directly affected by the decisions you make leading up to retirement.

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Your Net Worth

Everything you wanted to know about your net worth, but didn’t know who to ask. Whether you’re starting to plan for retirement or are already there, this guide will cast light on financial mistakes you can’t afford to make.

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Surviving Market Volatility

Reacting to market volatility could hurt your chances of reaching your long-term investing goals. The trouble is that many people don’t understand stock market volatility and how it impacts their portfolio strategy. Use this guide to learn more about volatility and how to survive the market’s ups and downs.

5 Pitfalls of Mutual Funds

In this must-read guide, you will learn the following: Whether or not mutual funds are the best choice for your portfolio, how mutual funds may ignore your unique investing goals, what impact complex fees may have on your portfolio and much more!

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