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How Fisher Helps Benchmark Plan Fees

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Watch this short video from a Fisher small business specialist to learn how Fisher helps plan sponsors assess plan fees.

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Best Deal

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Male Voice: Hi, I’m Armando Neri, I am Retirement Counselor at Fisher Investments. Which means I help small business owners navigate their 401(k) fees every day.

A man dressed in a suit speaks to the camera. A flyout in the lower left corner identifies him as Armando Neri, Retirement Counselor

As a business owner, it’s important to know what 401(k) plan fees you’re paying- for several reasons.

First, it is important to understand your fees to you know if you are getting a good deal. Because nobody wants to be paying more than they should.

The camera zooms in as the man continues to speak.

Secondly, plan fiduciaries have a legal obligation to understand plan fees and make sure the fees are reasonable for the services rendered.

The camera zooms back out.

However, understanding 401(k) plan fees can be difficult. Navigating different providers to find out much you are paying whom and for what services can be complicated.

The camera zooms back in.

Tracking down the different documents and comprehending them can be time consuming. And revenue sharing adds to that complexity which can make you think you are pay less than what you actually are.

The camera zooms back out.

If calculating your 401(k) plan fees sounds overwhelming Fisher Investments is here to help.

The camera zooms back in.

We can calculate your fees for free and provide them to you in an easy to read report.

The camera zooms back out.

This report also includes benchmarking which shows you how your plan fees compare to other plans. This helps you determine if your fees are reasonable.

The camera zooms back in.

At Fisher Investments, we’re retirement plan specialists. We help hundreds of small business owners every month understand their 401(k) plan fees free of charge. And we can help you too.

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