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Cash Balance Plans For Business Owners

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Are you missing out on tax advantaged savings? Watch this short video from a Fisher small business specialist and learn how a Cash Balance Plan may help you.

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What is a Cash Balance Plan

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Male Voice: Hi, I’m Mathew Cooksey, I’m the business development team lead here at Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions. And I work with a lot of high-earning business owners who didn’t realize we have a strategy to help them significantly reduce their tax liability upwards of one hundred thousand dollars each year. You could be one of them.

A man dressed in a suit speaks to the camera. A flyout in the lower left corner identifies him as Matthew Cooksey, Business Development Team Leader.

So, a Cash Balance plan is a type of retirement plan that often works side-by-side with a 401(k) plan that allows high-earning business owners the ability to significantly increase their tax deferred savings often upwards of three hundred thousand dollars each year while also reducing their tax liability in some cases upwards of one hundred thousand dollars each year. And the greatest part about that is those contributions also grow tax deferred.

The camera zooms in as the man continues to speak.

A Cash Balance Plan can be one of the most valuable tools that a lot of high earning small business owners overlook in their strategy to reduce their taxes. A lot of the client I talk to have exhausted a lot of the traditional models or ways that they can reduce the amount they are paying in taxes. With this plan it allows them to not only save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year into their personal retirement those contributions allow them to reduce their tax liability as well. And that can be really beneficial for people that have kind of hit the wall of what is available to them.

The camera zooms back out.

Cash Balance plans can be complex. And its important to have an advisor who is an expert in them to help you navigate them.

Here are Fisher investments we have the expertise and the experience to help our clients and their CPAs optimize their plans to not only reduce their tax liability on an on-going basis, but make sure their getting the most out of their retirement savings.

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