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Roth Contributions

Roth Contributions

A Roth option for your 401(k) plan allows you and your employees to contribute after-tax earnings toward retirement–and face no additional taxes on those savings or any investment earnings when the money is withdrawn during retirement.



A title screen appears, “Tax Diversification.”

A woman begins to speak.

Woman: You diversify your investment portfolio. It makes sense to also diversify your tax liability

A bar graph appears on the screen with one bar being Tax Deferred 401k and the other After Tax Roth.

The woman continues to speak.

Woman: Adding a Roth feature allows participants to contribute to two types of accounts a tax deferred 401 K and an after Tax Roth account

A box appears reading “More retirement income.”

A pair of binoculars appear with a box reading “Fewer taxes.”

The woman continues to speak.

Woman: enabling participants to contribute to tax deferred and after tax accounts creates tax diversification, which can increase retirement income and can reduce overall taxes paid over the life of the investment. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how Fisher can help your employees save more toward their retirement goals.

A closure screen appears, “Fisher Investments 401k solutions. Investing in securities involves a risk if loss. Intended for the use of employees considering or sponsoring retirement plans; not for personal use by plan participants.”


pie chart and graph

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