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Tax Savings Strategies

Watch this short video from a Fisher small business specialist to learn how business owners can use IRS sanctioned strategies to reduce their tax burden and turbo-charge their retirement savings.

Tax Saving Strategies



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Tax Savings

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Male Voice: A lot of small business owners don't realize how much they're missing out on tax advantage savings. You might be one of them. A tax strategy is a tool that small business owners can use to mitigate how much they pay in taxes and potentially increase how much they're saving for retirement.

A man dressed in a suit speaks to the camera. A flyout in the lower left corner identifies him as Matthew Cooksey, Business Development Team Leader.

An optimal tax strategy, utilizing the retirement plan can help business owners save upwards of a hundred thousand dollars on their taxes each year.

The camera zooms in as the man continues to speak.

Fisher Investments specializes in helping business owners leverage their retirement plan to reduce their tax liability.

The camera zooms back out.

For example, a tax mitigation strategy we often deploy for high earning business owners is our three-layer cake strategy.

The screen turns white, and the text "Our Tax Mitigation Strategy?" appears. It fades out and is replaced by the outline of a cake with 3 multi-colored layers with progressively smaller sizes from bottom to top. Each layer is labeled. The largest layer at the bottom is labeled 401(k), the middle layer is labeled Profit Sharing, and the top layer is labeled Cash Balance. The words "Three Layer Cake Strategy" are displayed above the cake.

In layer one, the owner should maximize their personal retirement plan contributions.

The camera focuses in on the first layer of the cake, and the other two layers fade out.

Up to $26,000 each year for some individuals. This is important because these contributions reduce the owner's taxable income dollar for dollar.

The text "$26,000" appears above the cake and then disappears.

With layer two, the owner should maximize their retirement contribution they receive from the company.

The second layer labeled "Profit Sharing" fades in and becomes the main focus.

This can be up to $64,500 for certain individuals. In this case, it's important because it's a tax reducing business expense the owner gets to keep.

$64,000 appears above the cake before disappearing.

With layer three, add a cash balance plan. This is done in order to defer income beyond the limits of a typical 401(k) and profit sharing plan. Contributions are tax deductible, so they reduce business taxes and personal taxes, and they grow tax deferred.

The top layer of the cake (labeled "Cash Balance") fades in, and becomes the main focus.

In some instances, this can be upwards of $300,000 or more each year for the business owner.

The text "$300,000" appears above the cake and then disappears.

And as I mentioned before, for some clients, this can save them upwards of a hundred thousand dollars in taxes each year.

The text "$100,000" appears above the cake and then disappears.

Navigating this complexity takes professional guidance.

The camera zooms out to show the entire cake once again with all three layers.

Here at Fisher Investments, we have the expertise to help our clients optimize their retirement plans and achieve their tax mitigation goals acting in our client's best interest, so when you do better, we do better. That's the Fisher difference.

The words "Fisher Investments" are displayed above the cake.

The volume of the upbeat music increases.

Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions.

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