Fisher Investments Reviews the Technology Sector

Editorial Review from the Back Cover

While the innovative potential of technology is exciting, investing in this sector requires a good dose of discipline. Forecasting the ways in which technology transfers into stock price movements can be difficult, but Fisher Investments on Technology can help you gain a better understanding of how this can be accomplished.

This installment of the Fisher Investments On series is an all-encompassing guide to understanding and analyzing investment opportunities within the global Technology sector. Fisher Investments reviews the global Technology investment universe—from IT services and software to semiconductors and communications equipment—and helps you discover a viable approach for identifying firms in this field with the greatest probability of outperforming. Along the way, Fisher Investments on Technology reviews the high-level economic, political, and sentiment drivers behind this sector and how accurately identifying them can help determine when to overweight or underweight it.

You don't have to be a professional to successfully invest in the global Technology sector—but you do need to be prepared. Fisher Investments reviews fundamentals and suggests a framework for investing in Technology now and for the rest of your investing career.

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