Fisher Investments - Manhattan, NY

Fisher Investments is proud to serve existing and prospective New York City clients from our Manhattan location at the southwest end of Central Park. Located around the corner from Carnegie Hall, our office is easily accessible by car, subway and public bus lines. If you’re interested in seeing what Fisher Investments’ investment services can do for your portfolio, we’d be happy to help you explore whether we are the right fit for your financial goals.

With Fisher Investments as your investment adviser, you can expect outstanding personalized service and portfolio management tailored to your individual needs. Since Ken Fisher founded the firm in 1979, the company has been structured to place our clients’ investment needs first. Prioritizing client interests is not only our legal duty as a fiduciary—it’s how we prefer to do business. Fisher Investments works diligently to avoid conflicts of interest, from the way we separate sales, service, operations, portfolio management and marketing to how we structure our fees. Most notably, we make no commissions on trades or by selling investment products—unlike many other financial advisers, money managers and brokers. What you pay us depends on how much you have invested with us. It’s simple: We do better when you do better.

Fisher Investments knows that you are the most valuable source of information when it comes to effectively building your portfolio. When you hire us, we partner you with a dedicated Investment Counselor who’ll discuss with you your financial needs and goals—along with your lifestyle, health and vision for yourself and your family. We respect the hard work you’ve put into building your assets, so we want to celebrate that achievement by making your money work hard for you.

While you work with your Investment Counselor, Fisher Investments’ extensive research department analyzes stock markets and current events and how they may impact your portfolio. Led by our Investment Policy Committee, with more than 130 combined years’ of investment experience, we look at your specific situation and work down from the kind of investments we think you should own to the countries, sectors and individual securities we believe will serve you best. Fisher Investments’ holistic approach factors in several drivers, including politics, macroeconomics and investor sentiment, while steering clear of temporary hype.

It’s no secret that investing can be stressful. Our Investment Counselors are always available to discuss our investment decisions and help you remain strong in times of market volatility. We reach out regularly with updated marketplace information and explore how current events may affect your portfolio. Fisher Investments also believe an informed investor is a more effective investor, and our free, easily accessible educational investment materials will empower you to dive as deep as you want to go.

Contact us to learn more about how Fisher Investments is challenging the financial industry to become a better place for investors. A Regional Vice President will be happy to discuss how becoming a part of Fisher Investments’ Private Client Group can advance your financial goals.