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About Our Atlanta, GA Office

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When Researching Atlanta Investment Advisers, Consider Fisher Investments

How often have you wondered: How can I ensure that I hire a local investment adviser that understands my longer-term goals? At Fisher Investments Atlanta, we believe that in order to achieve your individual needs and goals, your entire financial situation needs to be taken into consideration. We evaluate your financial objectives, time horizon, cash flow requirements, outside income and assets, capital gains and risk tolerance to work with you to create a financial plan tailored to your unique needs.

As a fee-only investment adviser, Fisher Investments has a history of providing financial services to both a wide range of clients. Our investment adviser was founded in 1979 by widely-acclaimed investor Ken Fisher. Later in 1995, Ken Fisher expanded our investment adviser’s financial services to private clients, on the principle of providing them with the tailored, customized investing solutions institutional management anticipates. Today, Fisher Investments is trusted with $211 billion in assets under management for over 135,000 clients globally.

What Sets Fisher Investments Apart from Other Investment Adviser in Atlanta, Georgia?

We believe our focus on sound portfolio construction and personalized service is why so many clients have chosen to trust us with their life savings. Many investment adviser employ a bottom-up approach to portfolio creation—stock-picking first by selecting securities based on company-specific criteria. At Fisher Investments, we focus on a top-down approach—weighing economic, political and sentiment factors we believe will drive markets. Using this outlook, we can fine-tune an asset allocation best suited to meet your investing needs.

Fisher Investments also continuously seeks new ways to enhance your client experience because we believe maintaining a positive and engaging client service structure will set us apart from other Atlanta-based investment adviser. As a private client, you'll get the same level of money management Fisher Investments provides some of the world’s largest organizations and companies—but tailored to your personal needs, with a dedicated Investment Counselor to help guide you through your journey with us.

With your dedicated Investment Counselor, you’ll discuss your long-term financial goals and needs, along with your lifestyle and your vision for yourself and your family. Your Fisher Investments Investment Counselor will continually evaluate your financial objectives, keep you informed about your account, discuss the impact of current events on your portfolio and help you stay on track to reach your long-term goals.

Why Did Fisher Investments Choose Atlanta, GA?

Fisher Investments’ Atlanta office serves existing and prospective clients in the Atlanta metropolitan area and throughout Georgia. Located off of Crown Pointe Parkway by Perimeter Mall, our investment adviser location is easily accessible by car or public transportation.

Atlanta, Georgia is a unique location that offers a variety of cultural, musical and artistic interests for its residents to enjoy. And like Atlanta, Fisher Investments offers a variety of financial services to help achieve your long-term interests, whether they be cash flow in retirement, estate planning or annuity conversion. In trusting our investment adviser with your assets, we will work with you to help achieve your financial goals, so you can spend more time on the interests you value most.

Whether you need help or simply want our financial planning expertise, Fisher Investments’ Atlanta is a resource we hope you consider.

Consider Your Next Steps with Fisher Investments’ Atlanta

Our investment strategies and decisions—alongside our client-service oriented model—are only two of the many factors that set our investment adviser apart. To understand more about Fisher Investments and learn how our financial services can help you achieve your long-term investment goals, please schedule a consultation with a local representative in the Atlanta area today.

*As of 6/30/2023, Fisher Investments and its subsidiaries manage over $211 billion in assets globally—over $173 billion for private investors, $35 billion for institutional investors and $3 billion for US small to mid-sized business retirement plans.

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