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Ken’s Latest in USA Today—and Some News!

Introducing Fisher Investments founder and Executive Chairman Ken Fisher's latest recurring column!

Greetings, Readers! We're writing today to share Fisher Investments' founder and Executive Chairman Ken Fisher's latest USA Today article, published this morning in the Money section. This is Ken's first piece for USA Today since they reached an agreement to publish a column every other week. So, you can anticipate seeing much more of his work there going forward.

The latest:

Don't Roll Over for This 401(k) and IRA Ripoff

Ken Fisher, USA Today

In it, Ken discusses shortcomings in the Department of Labor's well-intended new Fiduciary rule-and offers a couple key points for those seeking professional help in managing their retirement assets.

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Thank you, as always, for your readership and we hope you enjoy Ken's new column!

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