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The first step in our investment approach is to design a portfolio tailored to our client’s retirement goals. Michael Hanson, Senior Vice President of Research; Bill Glaser, Executive Vice President of Portfolio Management; and Wendy Nicholsen, Fisher Investments Client Services Program Manager describe how our flexible portfolio approach can help investors meet their retirement goals.

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Investment Approach

At Fisher Investments, we believe in improving the financial well-being of our clients. Our commitment to you extends far beyond our initial portfolio recommendation, by staying engaged as your needs evolve and market conditions shift. We aim to help you stick to an appropriate financial strategy to meet your longer-term goals, even when it is uncomfortable or counterintuitive. You will have a dedicated Investment Counselor who is there specifically to keep you informed and comfortable with your financial decisions.

Learn about the 8 ways the Fisher Investments Private Client Group can benefit you:

1. We Build a Portfolio to Suit Your Needs

Different investors have different needs. Many simply want their assets to grow over time. Some rely on their investments for cash flow. Others don’t want or need exposure to specific industries or companies. Regardless of what services you choose, your portfolio recommendation is based on your specific needs. Analyzing your time horizon, investment objectives and other factors specific to you is the first step. Thoroughly understanding your goals helps ensure you are comfortable with the plan for your investments.

2. You Will Receive High-Touch Client Service to Help Keep You Educated and Comfortable

You will get proactive service from your Investment Counselor who knows you and keeps you up-to-date on your portfolio. You will hear from us regularly, not because there’s some new product to sell, but because consistent communication is important to help you remain comfortable with your investment strategy.

3. You Will Work With a Stable Management Team at a Well-Established Firm

Once your investing goals are understood, your portfolio strategy will be managed by the Investment Policy Committee, whose members have over 130 years of combined industry experience. You can feel comfortable knowing Fisher Investments has also been reviewed by over 150 large institutional clients and recognized by well-known, independent sources. In addition, our executive management team has been working together for over 30 years.

4. You Will Get a Comprehensive and Disciplined Approach to Your Investment Strategy

You deserve a manager who offers more than just stock picking. At Fisher Investments, your portfolio is managed using a comprehensive approach to analyzing global markets, identifying the most attractive investment categories, then choosing individual stocks, bonds or other securities for your portfolio. Taking time to educate you about the approach allows you to take comfort you’re not investing in a “black box.”

5. Your Portfolio Can Benefit From a Global Approach to Investing

Many American investors tend to focus predominantly on US securities. However, the US only makes up about half of the value of the world stock market. Today, some of the world’s largest, fastest-growing and best-run companies are located outside US borders. By investing globally, you can increase diversification while taking advantage of opportunities many money managers miss.

6. Your Portfolio Can Benefit From a Flexible Approach to Investing

Many professional investment advisers have one particular style of investing. For example, some are “growth” investors, others are “value” investors, and some may invest only in one particular type of stock. That kind of specialization could impact your portfolio returns when the different styles fall in and out of favor. Fisher Investments offers a flexible approach, meaning your portfolio strategy can be adjusted based on our forward-looking views of market conditions. If we expect shares of large companies to do better than smaller ones, bigger firms will be emphasized in your portfolio. If we believe it is more appropriate to be in bonds or cash, your portfolio will be invested in those asset classes.

7. Your Portfolio Can Benefit From Bull and Bear Market Tactics

Your asset allocation—or mix of stocks, bonds, cash or other securities—will depend on your investment objectives as well as our forward-looking market views. This asset mix may not always be static. For example, we might deemphasize stocks or other securities and instead utilize bonds and/or cash in an effort to mitigate the impact of falling stock prices if we forecast a bear market. No money manager is correct every time, including Fisher Investments, but we believe the lessons learned managing investments through many market cycles provide us invaluable insight. Just as important, we’re here to counsel you during good times and bad.

8. Our Services Have Fair, Transparent and Easy-to-Understand Fees

The Fisher Investments fee structure is simple and transparent: you will pay competitive flat fee based on your portfolio’s size. Unlike with many brokers, our incentive is not to “churn” your account since we don’t earn commissions on trades. Basing fees on the size of your portfolio aligns our interests with yours. In other words, if you do better, we do better.

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