Fisher Investments’ Investing Approach

We want to improve the financial well-being of our clients—beyond just recommending an investment strategy. We stay in touch as your needs evolve and market conditions shift. We help you meet your longer-term goals with an investment strategy that’s specifically designed for you. And we’re transparent about the investing decisions we make for you because we believe an informed investor is a better investor—and a happier client.

Our Approach


Every investor has unique needs. Some want growth or cash flow, others want to avoid certain industries or companies. At Fisher Investments, investment management starts with you. We take the time to understand your long-term goals and specific needs. Only then can we create a tailored portfolio recommendation that focuses on your goals and adapts as markets change.


Many investment advisers stick to one style of investing, such as growth, momentum or value. But what happens when their style falls out of favor? That’s when narrow specialization could hurt your portfolio returns. Fisher Investments prefers a flexible approach that can adapt with our forward-looking market views.


You deserve a manager who does more than just pick stocks. Fisher Investments meticulously analyzes markets, identifies the most attractive investment categories and then chooses individual stocks, bonds or other securities for your portfolio. Our thorough approach yields results over time.


Many American investors have an incomplete view of investing—focusing chiefly on US stocks. However, the US makes up only about half of the value of the world stock market. That’s important because some of the largest, fastest-growing, best-run companies are outside the US. With a comprehensive, global focus, you can increase diversification and take advantage of opportunities many investment managers miss.

The Investment Policy Committee

Your Tenured Portfolio Management Team

photo of members of our investment policy committee

Stability and longevity help build consistency with your investment strategy. Our five-member Investment Policy Committee—the team making strategic decisions for client portfolios—has worked closely together for three decades and has 150+ years of combined industry experience. Take comfort knowing our people and investing process have been verified by the exacting standards of over many, large institutional clients.

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*As of 3/31/2022.


Fair Fees That Are Easy-to-Understand

Our fee structure is simple: You pay a competitive flat fee that’s based on your portfolio’s size. This fee structure aligns our interests with yours. In other words, if you do better, we do better.

Our investment approach isn’t swayed by incentives to sell you specific products because, unlike many brokers, we don’t earn commissions on trades. That means we have no incentive to “churn” your account with lots of buys and sells.

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Our Philosophy

The foundation of our investment approach. These are the beliefs and principles that guide all of our investment decision making.

Fundamental Principles

Our four rules of portfolio management. Remembering them can help align your long-term strategy and investing goals.

Learning Your Investing Goals

Every journey should have a destination. We can help you define your financial goals, so you can tell if you’re on the right path to meet them.

Time Horizon

A frequently misunderstood topic. How long does your money need to work for you? Chances are it’s beyond when you plan to retire.

Flexible Strategy

No investment style is consistently the best. An adaptive approach helps us protect your portfolio when markets shift.

Global Diversification

A world of opportunities. Find diversification and opportunity for returns by investing across global equity markets.

A Top-Down Approach

Learn what drives financial markets and how we find the mix of stocks, bonds and other securities we hold for clients.

Tailored Portfolios

No one-size-fits-all portfolios here. Discover how we build portfolios tailored to each client’s situation and investment goals.

How Fisher Investments Can Help

Portfolio Management

We create and manage portfolios tailored to your situation and investment goals. Tired of layered fees from funds and overlapping investments? We can help.

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Retirement Income Plans

You may need to take income from your investments after you stop receiving a regular paycheck. We can help you figure out how, without depleting your funds.

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Financial Plan Evaluation

How does your financial plan stack up? We can help you evaluate if you’re on track to meet your goals and help you budget for the future you want.

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Helpful Financial Planning Resources


Retirement Calculators

Get a quick sense of whether your current rate of savings has you on track for a comfortable retirement.


Free and available at no cost or obligation to you, our downloadable guides offer information on retirement planning, retirement income and more.

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