Fisher Investments – Clearly Better Money Management

Don’t all money managers seem pretty much the same? While many advisors push products with inherent conflicts of interest, Fisher Investments offers a straightforward approach aligned with your interests.

Fisher guys

Fisher Investments

  • No commissions or products to sell
  • Competitive, transparent fees
  • When you do better, we do better
The other guys

The Other Guys

  • × High commission products
  • × Complex fee structure
  • × Earn money whether you do well or not

So why do so many experienced investors choose to switch to, and stay with, Fisher Investments?

Because our client-first approach puts the focus where it should be—on you and your investment needs. We begin by fully understanding your personal situation and financial goals. We then tailor a portfolio to help you maximize the likelihood of reaching your long-term goals. But our commitment extends far beyond our initial portfolio recommendation. We stay in touch as your needs evolve and market conditions shift, and help you adhere to and maintain an appropriate financial strategy—even when it’s uncomfortable. Our client programs, educational materials and proactive communications keep you well-informed along the way.

The Definitive Guide to Retirment Income

10 Ways To Generate Income in Retirement

If you have a $500,000+ portfolio, download this must-read guide by best-selling author and money manager Ken Fisher’s firm. It’s called The Definitive Guide to Retirement Income. Even if you have something else in place right now, it still makes sense to request your guide!

5 ways Fisher Investments can benefit you:

1. Competitive, Transparent Fees

Unlike with many brokers, our incentive is not to “churn” your account. We have a simple, transparent fee structure based on the size of your portfolio. We don’t earn commissions so there’s no incentive for us to buy or sell investments or trade frequently.

2. A Fiduciary You Can Trust

Not every financial advisor is a fiduciary. Since our founding in 1979, Fisher Investments has been a fiduciary, meaning we have legal and ethical obligation to put your best interests first. This not only applies to our investment recommendations, but to many aspects of our business.

3. Tailored Portfolio

We take the time to thoroughly understand your personal situation, financial goals, time horizon, and cash-flow needs. We then tailor a strategy to meet your needs—one that we believe maximizes the likelihood of reaching your financial goals.

4. Flexible, Global Investment Approach

Unlike some money managers that focus on narrow market categories that may move in and out of favor, we can adjust our investment strategy for you depending on our forward-looking market views. We also invest globally to take advantage of worldwide opportunities many may miss.

5. Direct, Proactive Client Service

With us, you’re not simply another account number. You’ll hear from us regularly, and not because we have some new product to sell. Our goal is to help you understand exactly what is going on in your portfolio and why, so you feel comfortable with doing business with Fisher Investments.

Over the years, we’ve helped tens of thousands of wealthy investors like you. We believe these are key reasons why over the last 20 years, more than 9 out of 10 Private Client Group clients have chosen to stay with Fisher Investments.*

Interested in Learning More?

Give us a call at 888-261-8762. We’ll share our current outlook on the markets and economy, and answer any questions you have. Or download our Definitive Guide to Retirement Income and learn about key considerations to help ensure you don’t run out of money in retirement.   

About Fisher Investments

Founded in 1979, Fisher Investments oversees over $100 billion in assets for over 175 large institutions and over 50,000 high net worth individuals.** With operations in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan, Fisher Investments and its subsidiaries employ nearly 3,000 employees. Our Investment Policy Committee, co-headed by Ken Fisher, has over 130 years of combined industry experience. Ken Fisher, Fisher Investments and its affiliates have been the recipient of numerous awards and recognition. Fisher Investments is ranked on The Financial Times’ list of Top 300 Financial Advisers and Investment News’ list of Top 10 Fee-only registered Investment Advisers in the US.

* Average annual Private Client Group retention, 1997-2016 (calculated as 1-[sum of (number of terminations in year/number of clients in year)]/number of years).

**As of 8/31/2018. Includes Fisher Investments and its subsidiaries.

Investing in stock markets involves the risk of loss. Investments in foreign securities can involve additional risks such as losses related to other currencies and securities markets.