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Fisher Investments is a well-known name in financial news and literature. Founder and Executive Chairman Ken Fisher has written a monthly column for Forbes magazine for 30 years, and frequently appears in the financial media, including Bloomberg TV and CNBC. Ken Fisher's views along with Fisher Investments’ research have been showcased across the US, Britain, Germany and beyond. Members of Fisher Investments’ editorial and research staff regularly contribute to our daily market and financial commentary website, MarketMinder.com and to other financial publications including Investor’s Business Daily, The Street, equities.com and more.

Stockpicker Intervjuar: Fisher Investments

By Staff, Stockpicker.se, 9/29/2016

Stockpicker har intervjuat Aaron Anderson, chefsanalytiker på Fisher Investments. Aaron har arbetat hos Fisher Investments sedan 2005 och varit med i IPC sedan 2011.

The Key To Successful Investing

By Ken Fisher, Interactive Investor, 9/21/2016

So far there is little evidence of the crash predicted by Brexit bears, but investors must start thinking like the markets, says investing legend Ken Fisher. He has some big stock tips too.

My Best Advice--32 Years In The Making

By Ken Fisher, Forbes, 9/14/2016

History is a font of wisdom.

Ken Fisher Explains How Presidential Politics Impact Markets

By Ken Fisher, Fox Business, 9/14/2016

Right now, many Americans fear this year’s presidential election could have a very significant impact on the economy and the markets.

Why This Bull Market Is The Most ‘Joyless’ In History

By Ken Fisher, Fox Business (Video), 9/14/2016

Fisher Investments Executive Chairman Ken Fisher discusses why he thinks this is the most 'joyless' bull market in history.

Beware the 'Gig Economy' Retirement Fund Crisis

By Nathan Fisher, TheStreet, 9/9/2016

40% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers by the year 2020 and nearly 70% of current so-called 1099 workers have no long-term savings at all.Those numbers should have alarm bells sounding, said Nathan Fisher, managing director of 401(k) solutions at Fisher Investments.

Foreign Stocks Just Feel So... Foreign: Fisher's Financial Mythbusters

By Ken Fisher, Money Observer, 9/7/2016

Foreign equity and bond investing shouldn't be any more or less risky than domestic investing, says Ken Fisher at Fisher Investments.

In A Global Economy, Who Cares About Central Banks?

By Ken Fisher, Financial Times, 9/7/2016

Money is simply a measuring stick. It doesn’t manipulate, despite what people believe.

Creating An Enduring Financial Advisory Business: Lessons From Fisher Investments

By Evan Cooper, InvestmentNews, 9/6/2016

InvestmentNews Content Strategy Studio Executive Editor Evan Cooper spoke with Ken Fisher and Damian Ornani about the essentials for success in the wealth management business, why succession planning should be organic, and how other advisers can profit from the experiences of the firm.

Billionaire Ken Fisher Says This Is The Most 'Joyless' Bull Market In History

By William Watts, MarketWatch, 8/31/2016

The bull market in stocks may be aging, but likely has much more time to run—just don’t look for investors to jump for joy about it, said billionaire investor Ken Fisher.