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Fisher Investments is a well-known name in financial news and literature. Founder and Executive Chairman Ken Fisher has written a monthly column for Forbes magazine for 30 years, and frequently appears in the financial media, including Bloomberg TV and CNBC. Ken Fisher's views along with Fisher Investments’ research have been showcased across the US, Britain, Germany and beyond. Members of Fisher Investments’ editorial and research staff regularly contribute to our daily market and financial commentary website, MarketMinder.com and to other financial publications including Investor’s Business Daily, The Street, equities.com and more.

Chinese Debt Dump Fears, Defanged

By Fisher Investments Staff, equities.com, 11/28/2016

For years, many have considered this statement gospel: China is propping up US Treasury markets, and if they ever decide to sell, it will send interest rates soaring and bankrupt Uncle Sam. Yet a funny thing happened on the road from theory to reality: China spent a year selling off Treasurys, and yields fell.

The Real Trump Surprise

By Ken Fisher, Interactive Investor, 11/11/2016

Own stocks, urges investing legend Ken Fisher. They may be volatile in the days ahead, but this joyless bull market should grind on and up. Here are two picks for your portfolio.

Geld-Legende Ken Fisher: "Die Deutsche Bank ist besser als viele denken"

By Ken Fisher, Focus, 11/6/2016

Die Deutsche Bank spürt derzeit Gegenwind von allen Seiten. Zahllose teure Pannen belasten das Geldhaus massiv. Das Top-Management trägt dafür die Hauptverantwortung. US-Finanzprofi hält die Kritik aber für maßlos überzogen.

Here Are Five Stocks--To Be Hopeful For

By Ken Fisher, Forbes, 11/3/2016

Stocks I hope you'll be thankful for come next year.

Clinton or Trump? It Shouldn’t Matter To Investors

By Ken Fisher, Financial Times, 11/1/2016

Whoever wins will be stymied by Congress.

Trump Or Hillary? Bull Market Either Way

By Ken Fisher, Forbes, 10/19/2016

Equities should pop in 2017 no matter who wins.

Trump v. Clinton: The Implications For Equities

By Ken Fisher, Interactive Investor, 10/18/2016

The wait is almost over! America's next president will be revealed next month. How will markets respond? No one knows better than investing legend Ken Fisher.

How Does the U.S. Stock Market Perform in Election Years?

By Jeff Desjardins, Visual Capitalist, 10/13/2016

This infographic shows how the U.S. market performs in each year of a presidential term – and specifically, how the market does in election years.

The US Is Indebted To China: Fisher's Financial Mythbusters

By Ken Fisher, Money Observer, 10/10/2016

All the fear surrounding China is silly, because the largest holder of US government debt is... domestic US investors, says Ken Fisher.

History’s Most Joyless Bull Market Has Longer To Run

By Ken Fisher, Financial Times, 10/5/2016

Scepticism abounds, yet the stock markets continue to rise.