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Fisher Investments’ Perspective:
A 20/20 Look at 2020’s Elections

Fisher Investments monitors political developments to assess their potential impact on financial markets. Politics is important: We believe it is one of the three primary drivers of the stock market, along with economic fundamentals and investor sentiment.

Fisher Investments believes our perspective on politics and investing is different from most investors. We don’t favor any politician or political party. Instead, we are politically agnostic and recommend keeping political bias out of investing decisions. Political bias—such as a preference for one party over the other—could lead you to make investing decisions that may hurt your financial future. Why? Because no one party is best for stocks, and politics tends to impact financial markets in unexpected and even counterintuitive ways. Fisher Investments can help you make sense of the dramatic media headlines and heightened emotions that are typical in election years. Continue to visit this page for information on what to expect from this year’s elections and on how elections generally impact stock market returns.

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Election-year Investing Advice

In our 40 years of advising investors, we’ve uncovered consistent stock performance patterns surrounding US presidential terms and elections. Our new guide, Fisher Investments’ Perspective: A 20/20 Look at 2020’s Election, analyzes these patterns and today’s unique political environment.

In 2020, politicians will talk loudly on the campaign trail about sweeping changes, but our guide explains why their promises likely fall short—and why that’s good for your portfolio. We also demonstrate why, when it comes to your portfolio, you likely don’t need to fear election-year uncertainty, market volatility or even impeachment proceedings.

The insights in our guide can help you navigate election-year anxieties, assess the likely market impacts of the election, and make informed and prudent investing decisions.

Are you prepared to steer your portfolio through the drama and uncertainty of this election year?

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Stay Balanced This Election Season

Beyond the research in this guide, Fisher Investments will regularly share our perspective on US politics, the 2020 elections and their likely market impacts in many other easy-to-access channels. Be sure to check our coverage on Real Clear Markets, Reuters Plus and YouTube for regular updates from our firm and its leaders. You can also check out our daily MarketMinder articles for additional thoughts on the latest trending topics in politics, economics and markets.

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