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Overall Client Satisfaction Rating: 96%

In a client satisfaction survey, 96% of respondents gave Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions a “Best-in-Class” score for overall satisfaction.

Client feedback is vital to any organization, and it is especially important to Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions as it helps uncover how well a company is doing at meeting and exceeding client expectations for 401(k) plan management and employee support. Here is some of what Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions heard in the 2023 client satisfaction survey.

  • Easy to do Business with: 95% of respondents gave us a "Best-in-Class" score.
  • Overall Client Satisfaction: 96%, higher than the industry benchmark of only 58%.
  • Overall Retirement Industry Knowledge/Expertise: 96%, higher than industry benchmark of only 68%
  • Support with Managing Fiduciary Responsibility: 98% of respondents gave us a "Best-in-Class" score.
  • Investment Management Expertise: 94% of respondents gave us a "Best-in-Class" score.
  • Treats Clients with Importance: 92% of respondents gave us a “Best-in-Class” score.
  • Would Recommend to Others: 94%, higher than the industry benchmark of only 56%.
  • Assists with Plan Governance: 96%, higher than the industry benchmark of only 58%.

% of Satisfaction with Brand Attributes

Attributes Fisher 401(k) Benchmark
Overall Satisfaction with Fisher Investments 96% 58%
Is reliable 96% 66%
Expertise to manage fund lineup 95% 63%
Provides attractive investing solutions 91% 57%
Treats me as an important client 92% 59%
Offers a full range of services 94% 60%
Provides good value for the money 88% 56%
Easy to do business with 95% 59%
Has helpful support staff 96% 54%
Would recommend to others 94% 56%
Proactively offers new ideas and solutions 83% 48%
Has an excellent reputation 92% 66%
Retirement Counselor and Support Team
Annual plan review with key stakeholders 92% 52%
Advocating on your behalf with other service providers 97% 58%
Investment management expertise 94% 68%
Assisting with plan governance 96% 58%
Support with managing fiduciary responsibilities 98% 61%
Overall retirement industry knowledge/expertise 96% 68%
Ongoing group and one-on-one educational employee enrollment meetings 94% 57%
Overall Satisfaction with Frequency and Quality of Contact 91% 56%
Satisfaction with Phone and Virtual Meetings
Overall satisfaction 95% 54%
Value 92% 50%
Relationship manager preparedness 96% 59%
Quality of presentation materials 95% 59%
Satisfaction with Other Correspondence (phone emails, update)
Overall satisfaction 94% 54%
Frequency 92% 49%
Value 91% 58%
Retirement Counselor Preparedness 96% 58%
Quality of materials / ideas shared 96% 59%
Overall Satisfaction with Support in Managing Plan Success 93% 64%
Investment Reviews
Overall satisfaction 93% 57%
Frequency 91% 56%
Quality 93% 56%
Retirement Counselor preparedness 96% 60%
Plan Fees and Expenses Review
Frequency 90% 50%
Quality 91% 60%
Value 87% 55%
Overall Satisfaction 88% 54%
Plan Design Review
Overall satisfaction 94% 59%
Frequency 92% 48%
Quality 94% 67%
Value 92% 64%
Overall Satisfaction with Fiduciary Support 96% 65%
Fiduciary Responsibilities and Risks
Overall satisfaction 96% 60%
Frequency 94% 48%
Quality 96% 62%
Value 95% 56%
Relationship manager preparedness 98% 61%
Overall Satisfaction with Support in Managing Participant Success 95% 63%
Participant Services
Participant help desk 95% 50%
Group education/enrollment meetings 94% 44%
Quarterly newsletters 88% 49%
One-on-one meetings 96% 56%


Fisher Investments 401(k) conducted the client satisfaction survey quarterly, in January, April, July and October of 2023 and January of 2024 Respondents were asked to rate Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions on the attributes shown in the chart above, using a scale of 1 (very dissatisfied, strongly disagree) to 7 (very satisfied, strongly agree). Ratings of 6 or 7 are considered “Best-In-Class.” We invited 1,110 contacts of current clients of Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions to participate. A total of 261 contacts (23%) responded. All responses are included in the results. Clients are not compensated to participate in the client satisfaction survey.

A third-party research group, Quest Mindshare, created a benchmark for comparison to the Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions results. The benchmark was based on survey responses from plan sponsors, people responsible for managing their company’s 401(k) plan. The benchmark survey was sent to 482 people and was completed by 216 respondents. To be included in the benchmark, respondents had to utilize an independent, third-party retirement plan advisor, have final decision-making authority or influence on decisions made for the plan, and have between $1-5MM in assets in their company 401(k).

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