Stock Market Outlook

Where are markets going from here? Access our in-depth analysis of Q3 investing conditions and our forecast for 2016.

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In this 2016 Q3 update:

  • Six months in, 2016 has been a rocky road to flat returns. Where are stocks likely to go from here?
  • Why fears over who the next president is—and what he or she might do—are overblown
  • Economic fears have been widespread in 2016—let us show you how they align with reality
  • And much more!
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Political Insights

Market Perspectives on the 2016 US Presidential Debates: Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

By Fisher Investments Editorial Staff, 9/27/2016

As the election approaches, both candidates will likely continue detailing their prescriptions for the country. However, we encourage investors to watch what politicians actually do, rather than what they say.
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